What if life was designed to be sweet and easy?

About Brenda

We make the world a better place by becoming the best version of ourselves. Life, experience and education have been my best teachers. Through Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy and knowledge of the function of our brains, I found my confidence, clarity of mind and personal focus  – to help other people. In just one session, I could feel a difference. I felt empowered to make change and knew the only person who could change me was me!

Education & Credentials

Bachelor of Arts

Bachelor of Education

Masters in Hypnotherapy & NLP Life Coaching

Laugh Yoga Certified Facilitator

Corporate & Executive Training

Elementary, High School and Post Secondary Educator for 16 years

“if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

My Approach

I believe that Hypnotherapy/NLP is a natural and powerful tool that will allow you to make compelling changes in all areas of your life. To begin each session, I start by ensuring that my clients understand the process and that they feel both safe and in control. Hypnotherapy/NLP will not be successful if the client doesn’t have both an understanding and a belief in the process and the important work that you are doing.