What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a natural process …. a simple and effective way of allowing you to change. Hypnotherapy is simply about allowing your human potential to evolve. Hypnotherapy allows you to find your focus and hang on to it even when the world continues to spin around you.

You remain constant and strong internally .. ..it’s called autogenics. It’s about clearing away the ‘stuff’ that limits you from growing.. changing …and becoming your best self. It’s also about clearing away the ‘stuff’ ..that creates  those negative emotions inside of you.. you know the ones that create that negative internal Voice…. The message that keeps repeating you are not enough…. Strong enough …. smart enough… slim enough…beautiful enough… not buffed enough… not accomplished enough….not rich enough… You got it!! This ‘stuff’ blocks you from making decisions…. moving forward …from living  life in a way that is curious and kind…. a life of meaning and purpose… and  interesting endeavors..intuitively responding to life. Being free  from the structure of what the world tells us  to be….. or the world we grew up in as children.

Memories and experiences from our youth guide the directions and decisions we make in our life.  It’s been researched and quoted that 85%-90% of what we do is in reaction to past conditioning… past events…past memories…. Most of which occurred from conception to age 6 or 7. These memories /experiences play a significant role in determining who and what we are.  There are different kinds of memories..great conscious memories of playing as a child and arriving home where your favorite meal is ready and love abounds.. And then there are the unconscious memories. These are the memories that are getting you to react ..or act  often in ways that are challenging and not beneficial.

There are many styles and techniques of Hypnotherapy  and many applications.  Need any help with the following?  Relieving  stress and anxiety… feeling hopeful about your future….getting rid of fears phobias negative thoughts that keep you procrastinating…..releasing old negative habits or behaviours..releasing weight… stop smoking…feeling successful and loving your life. Book your appointment today and begin your transformation.

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